Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TAG Response + Shane Dawson

Hey there!
So Narrations of a MAC-a-holic (a.k.a Kathi) put a TAG on her Blog . And I'm gonna response on that one! It's litterly about the 10 most worn beauty products! Here we goo!

1. most worn lipstick + lipgloss:
M.A.C On Hold aaaand no lipgloss because I don't like them! (and my boyfriend is happy about that fact xD)

2. most worn eyeliner / kajal:
Estée Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil 01 Softsmudge Black

3. most worn nail polish:
M.A.C Illegal Pruple (LE)

4. most worn eyeshadow:
omg...probably M.A.C Naked Lunch with M.A.C Fig 1

5. most worn concealer:
M.A.C select cover up in NW20

6. most worn foundation:
I only use a mineralizing powder by Boticario

7. most worn finishing powder:
M.A.C's blot powder pressed Medium

8. most worn blush
E.l.f natural radiance blusher in glow together with M.A.C By Candellight (LE)

9. most worn bronzer

10. most worn mascara
Nivea Volume Impact waterproof in 04 black

Yeah, so much to the tag response! And while looking at youtube videos, I found: Shane Dawson. And I laughed my ass off while watching his videos! One of them: (just sharing) xD love it!


Monday, January 25, 2010

A Lush review and some yummie!

Hey there!
So I got a request on doing a review on these Lush products: "Ocean Salt", and the temple balm "Flying Fox". I will start off with the Ocean Salt.

It comes in a hardplastic container (205ml) and some of the ingredients are: ocean salt (obviously), fresh grapefruit juice, bio limes aaand the special ingredient iiis Wodka. The Lush Lady said, that Wodka helps to dimish the pores. I would highly recommend you to really try this Ocean Salt first in the lush shop. I loved the smell, but my mom didn't like the smell at all. But I would describe it as a nice and freshly ocean smell.
You can use it as a peeling for your face and for your body. I mainly use this for my upper arm and for a deepcleaning of my face xD

To the temple balm Flying Fox. I wanted something to fall better asleep and there was an temple balm called "Dreamtime", but it smelled not that nice :x So anyway, I tried the Flying Fox out, and it smells after yasmin! The Lush Lady mentioned  that this temple balm also should sensualise...but yeah...I just leave this comment in the room xD I was really excited to try the balm out. Before I went to bed, I rubbed a little bit on the balm with my ringfinger and afterwards rubbed it on my temples. So if you are lying in bed, the smell of yasmine really helps to kind of "calm down" and get ready to sleep. But again, if you don't like the smell, you should better not buy the temple balm. Because, who wants to fall asleep with a smell you don't like?

I hope the review was helpful! For more informations about Lush and their products, check out their website!

And I made also some Cupcakes! Yummie! So for all my cookiemonsters out there, enjoy!! =)


Friday, January 22, 2010

LUUUUSH....Haul + mini M.A.C Haul

Hey there!
My friend is celebrating her 20.birthday and I had to go to Basel to get a present =) I got her the Rectangle M.A.C mini-petite. Basically, it's just a "beauty case" xD. But I had to get it, because she's a M.A.C fanatic too *_* (but, who isn't?). She will also receive the Pooh Set (last post) and a coupon for a cinema night with me and Cris. But like always when I enter a M.A.C Store I had to have something for myself! So I bought the M.A.C Plot Powder Pressed because Narrations of a MAC-a-holic made an awesome review on it! Thanks again! And I also got the Paint Pot in Artifact, which is a violet/reddish color. <3

And I went also to a LUSH Store to get the temple balm. But the Lush Lady made me buy other stuff too xD So I tried the Oceansalt out, and I really liked it =) I got the Buttercreme too, so that I could get a free goodie bag (amounting to 30$!!) from the Lush Store! And in there where many great things!

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all my 18 followers!! *big love for all* <3 <3 <3 Next time you will see a review on the "Sun Club" by essence!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Haul + EOTD

Hey there!
So I went a little shopping today with my mom and I got the essence sun club (blondes) - all over shimmer for eyes, face & body, NYX Eyepencil in white and for my mom I got the L'oréal Color Riche Star Secrets Aishwarya in Beige 708. And after I went home, I had to try out the sun club, which is like the Shimmer Bricks by Bobbi Brown! The colors are really good pigmented and I really love it! I would highly recommend you to check this out! It only cost me like 6 sFr. (it's like 6$). If you want me to swatch it, just comment!

So because of my new "acquierement" I had to do a EOTD - short for Eyes of the Day! And here it goes:

And isn't thaaat cute?? I saw this in a perfumery for 9$ and I had to buy it for my friend as an additional birthday gift! It's the Créme Brûlée Scented - Hone Bath & Bod Treats Giftset! (The classic pooh collection) Aww, I love SALE xD


Monday, January 18, 2010

Giveaway by "Kiwibliss" + New Layout

Hey there!
So Kiwibliss wants to say "thank you" for over 50 followers of her blog! And with that Thank You comes a giveaway! Yeah! This includes:

  • Nail Polish from Bloom Cosmetics in the color of your choice
  • M.A.C Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe
  • M.A.C Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved
  • aaand Cadbury Chocolate! Freshly send from New Zealand! *mmh*

If you want to participate, check out her really nice blog! =)
Good luck!

And show some love for the new skin of my blog! I love the picture with the women on it <3 If you want me to do a "Header" for your blog, just comment! I once was really into doing website layouts!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey there!
So I'm going to start with "NOTD, short for - Nails of the Day". And I want to share with you the Manhattan Lotus Effect in 96G Here it is:

And I totaly fell in love with this nail polish. It's a shimmery beige color and I had to put 2 coats on to get the color you see on the foto!


Thursday, January 14, 2010



Hey there!
So this is going to be my first haul on my blog! I actually tried once to film a haul (about the love lace and warm and cozy collection from M.A.C) for my youtube channel, but it was kind embarrassing to sit in my room and talk to my cam xD so I just quit that project!
I went to Douglas today and bought: Russian Night by O.P.I, On Hold Lipstick, Medium Deep Mineralize Skinfinish, Ricepaper and Vanilla and the 168 Brush from M.A.C
And hell, I never thought that the nail polishes from O.P.I are thaaat expensive!!! When I heard the price I was like: "wooaah...okeeey" but it is a really nice color, it's a dark blue/purple color with shimmery effects in it! And I got the Medium Deep MSF as a contouring colour. So here is the picture with all my new stuff on:

And yeah, I finally got my M.A.C Palette full:

What do you think about O.P.I Nail Polishes? Are they just in Europe that expensive?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New M.A.C Brushes

Hey there! So I went to Douglas last friday, to buy MAC eyesbrushes. And I just love them! I know, they are REALLY expensive (especially in Europe I think), but I think they will last like, 20 years or more? So I don't have like a "bad conscience" because I see it as an investment! =) I watched videos of All that Glitters 21 and EnKore Make Up, and bought the brushes they recommended the most, and which I really need. I also looking forward to get Shader Brush 242, Contouring Brush 168, and the blus brush 129 (and maybe even the kabuki =)) If you have any other "recommandations" on M.A.C brushes, that you think are a must have, comment! And here is the list of the new brushes I got:
  • M.A.C 239
  • M.A.C 224
  • M.A.C 217
  • M.A.C 219

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Addiction: CUPCAKES


So yeah, I already made some of these delicious little cakes *mmh* And I want to share whith you the ones, that I also photographed! First kind is: almond cupcakes with whiped and caramel cream on the top!

Second ones aaaaare: Oreal Cupcakes!!! aaawww, they tasted sooo good!

I will add more pictures of my new loves xD If you want to get the recipe, just comment!


First Blog Entry

Hello World!
This is my first blog entry ever, yai!
My name is Ela (short for Rafaela) and I just want to do like a "beauty" blog, to share my thoughts about make-up, clothes and other stuff with you! So yeah, I probably will also upload pictures of my new favorite hobby: backing muffins and cupcakes! Hopefully you will start to follow me on the blog!





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